Kashmir Feeds Limited.

Kashmir Feeds Limited.

Compared with the other livestock sector, the poultry industry in Pakistan is more scientific, better organized and modern. Our Poultry division is also equipped with pure-line breeding, the latest vaccines & medicines, environmentally controlled poultry houses, state-of-the-art hatching units and excellent feed quality.

Feed Mill.

Kashmir Feeds Ltd situated at 47 KM, Multan Road, District Kasur is a poultry feed manufacturing plant. The project was installed in 1995-96 on 15 acres land area and production was started in December 1996.

The production facility is well equipped with Palliating Mills, Grain Storage, Silos, Generator Sets, parcel size reducing Hammer Mills, Roller Mill Mixers, Elevators and Conveying systems oriented and situated in a multi story building of 80,000 sq ft covered area. The plant is capable of producing 3.60 million bags of 50 kg each. The product is sold at premium because of high quality. The management believes in quality consciousness through experts and techniques for maintaining good level of FCR. The company is having a marketing team of 30 veterinary doctors who besides expanding the customer range, render valuable assistance to the customers regarding bird health, medication, vaccination and general management of the farms.

Poultry Farms

The project was started on April 2005, with the installed capacity of twelve Chick Master Setters and Hatchers at KPBL Hatchery, and 117,000 Birds capacity at three KPBL Breeding Farms. The objective of the project is to produce healthy Day Old broiler chicks.


The KPBL hatchery is located near Pattoki on Main Multan road. The hatchery has the capacity of 24 incubators. Each set of Setter and Hatcher has egg-settings of 110,880 eggs with a total of 1,330,560 eggs. The hatchery can produce 1,200,000 chicks per month in the first phase. It has been built while keeping in mind of all the norms of modern Ventilation techniques. Air conditioning, Desert coolers and Blast Heaters have also been installed to keep the temperature steady and provide comfort to the day old chicks.